Call for Studio assistant /producer /off stage collaborator

The Salim Nair Band is looking for someone to fill the above role. This is not a part time or entry level position.

The band’s studio is set up around the live performance rig. The multi-laptop multi-controller rig is complemented by a visualization and live streaming infrastructure with multiple fiber connections. A detailed description is available at Our Rig.

Maintaining this setup will be the main function as studio assistant.

The band is entering its second year with an ambitious set of projects bending boundaries. This will include live on stage, streaming and studio productions. You will be working on planning and execution of these projects.

Now, if you’re a music or video producer who wants to extent your portfolio, you don’t need this. Trust me.

So you ask, what if you’re a practicing musician! You’ll be miserable. I probably wouldn’t take your musical ideas seriously and then your ego will be hurt and then I’ll have to write a song for you. I don’t want to write a song for you.

A digital live show requires lot of preparation. Designing and implementing the soundscape, controller topology, song architecture, visualization designing, carrying boxes, connecting wires, getting smokes.

You’ll act as prop to boost my ego during rehearsals. I’ll let you occasionally criticize me. But you’ll need to really substantiate it.

You’re expected to travel with the band.

It’s ok if you have special skills. But I am not looking for new skills to add on. I want you to adapt, learn the skills I need to do the things I want to do. Leave your pangalactic gargle blaster skin Dolak home.

I’ll fire you when I stop feeling you’re useful to me.

You can email from the band page. You can’t comment on this post. Keep your wisecracking to yourself. If you want to impress me, tell me more about the animal.

I’ll pay you. Ideally the bare minimum to keep you alive. I am flexible. Sky’s the limit and cloud inversion is not excluded.

It’s ok if you think my jokes are lame and unfunny, as long as you laugh. Except for production jokes. If a production joke bombs, you’ll be responsible.

Only respond via email to band account. Link on band page. Yes there’s a page. Yes you’ll share responsibility keeping it and other web presence up.

I have very strong and well defined ideological positions and I am not shy about them. If you don’t think more or less along the same lines, we probably limit our interactions to a Facebook group or something.

You will need to be committed to the project. Listen to our songs on the page, read the blog. If you believe you’ll get value by attaching yourself to it, don’t bother. But if you want to work to build something unique and novel, we might just work out.

Have a nice day.

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