Pixie Flux theory of Quantum Consciousness

In a video by Sixty Symbols (see below), Prof. Moriarty while giving a dress down of Dr. Lanza and his theory of quantum woo mentions that one could postulate pixies coming in and out of existence to create spooky effects. I think this is a serious proposition. One could come up with a hypothesis without violating any of the laws that we currently hold that, this is what actually happens.

Prof Moriarty on Quantum Woo

This is how it works. Since anything can happen without violating any physical laws within plank time (like the creation of annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs), one could hypothesize that, there are magical Pixies that come into and poof out of existence under 10-43 seconds. These Pixies are the ones that maintains the reality and causes all kinds of quantum spookiness. The Pixies are also carriers of consciousness. Well, actually consciousness is produced by the fluttering of the Pixie wings.

This hypothesis is named the Pixie Flux Hypothesis© of Quantum Consciousness. I am claiming the copyright for this hypothesis. Unlike actual theories of physics, for which I can write a paper, get it peer reviewed and published, this can only be ascertained by brute force of an enlightened mind (mine).

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What is not evidence!

In most discussions that I have with people of fervent religiosity, one thing that frustrates me is the lack of basic understanding of what constitutes as evidence. So, today I found this gem of a list in the comment section of a blog. It is a pretty comprehensive list of types arguments usually used from the religious people to defend their faith.

Allegations are not evidence.
Hearsay is not evidence.
Unsubstantiated claims are not evidence.
Personal revelation is not evidence.
Anecdotes are not evidence.
Rumors are not evidence.
Wild speculation is not evidence.
Wishful thinking is not evidence.
Illogical conclusions are not evidence.
Disproved statements are not evidence.
Logical fallacies are not evidence.
Poorly designed/executed experiments are not evidence.
Experiments with inconclusive results are not evidence.
Experiments that are not and cannot be duplicated by others are not evidence.
Dreams are not evidence.
Hallucinations/delusions are not evidence.
Experiments whose methodology is not open for scrutiny are not evidence.
Data that requires a certain belief is not evidence.
Information that is only knowable by a privileged few is not evidence.
Information that cannot be falsified is not evidence.
Information that cannot be verified is not evidence.
Information that is ambiguous is not evidence.

Now, only if everybody play nice and follow these basic principles. I am not very optimistic. Because, if the theists, especially the fanatical one used any kind of logic and rationality, they will find their own arguments crumble like dry Puttu

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