I live in Philadelphia, not right downtown though.

I have been thriving to be a great musician and a great sofware developer at the same time. Since greatness is hard to measure as it happens, I might have already achieved it 🙂 But of course,  I can always be greater.

As a musician, I have been experimenting with various genres and fusion of genres for quite some time. I mostly play bamboo flute. You can hear my songs at my myspace page, until I finish my website.

As a sofware developer, I like to work on client systems. I have a very profound dislike towards browser hosted applications. Even for this blog, most of my editing happens through live writer. I am yet to find a full understanding of the logic behind centralizing processor intensive processing to a server while most clients have large amounts of spare processing power. If you do not want to end up like those aliens from Independence Day, start rethinking extreme server centric strategies.

I am also indifferent to the web 2.0 buzz. Lets first figure out 1.0 before jumping into 2.0. On the other hand, I enjoy interacting in web 2.0 front runners like SecondLife, verious blogs/wikis and other massively collaborative efforts. I am currently working on a virtual gallery project for my wife Shobha.

And that brings us to Shobha, who has been my companion pretty much whole of my life. She is an artist, and you can see her paintings at her website Chaaya. We do not live separate lives.

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