Salim Nair is a post classical tone poet who’s working in the digital domain. Trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical flute, the artiste has expanded his horizons to jazz, hip hop and other exotic forms over the course the last three decades. One of his overarching passions in music is to create a novel idiom while using a familiar vocabulary. By leaving the analogue world behind, Salim is freeing himself from the constraints of traditional live music production through his solo digital art music project, The Salim Nair Band.


Since August 2016

The Salim Nair Band

July 2006 – March 2011

Bamboo Jazz Quartet – A Jazz quartet with Salim Nair as lead playing Bansuri.

April 2010 to present

Mandala – A Kirtan band (Philadelphia) by Scott Robinson focusing on devotional music featuring influences from Indian, Turkish, Celtic and Gregorian chants.


Contributor to This Music Plants Trees 2 curated by Aural films (California, 2017)

0,1, Infinity (November 2016 to present)

A multicity digital art music concert tour – First edition titled ‘Night in the Meadow’  held at CGH Earth’s heritage property David Hall – on November 26

Agle and Cleopatra (2015)

A tone poem in six movements which was dramatized by award winning theatre group Lokadharmi (Kochi)

Saphalamee Yatra (2016)

Music rendition and dramatization of N N Kakkad’s famous poem – realized by Lokadharmi


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