Chevy Volt has WHA!?

It has 10 million lines of code, exalts Wired magazine, making it the King of software cars.

Now, if we look at kings in real life, who are overly pompous, over spending, ego maniacal AHs, this title may suite.

Oh, no, I have nothing against Volt. I would buy one (or another Plug-in) when it is time for my next car. But there had been stories similar to this taking rounds in the web. It looks like the manufactures want to make this a story. Look at us, we have 10 million lines of code!

First of my problems with this statement is, lines of what code? Since lot of the code are controller and other microprocessor code, it could be just instructions. In that case, 10 M instructions is not that big a code base. It might be a good thing to have only that much. But if this is 10 M lines of code in some high level language like C, things look much different. Then the question is why the heck so much lines of code!

There was a time when people used to boast about the numbers of lines of code in their code base. There were even places which used to pay per lines of code. But, if someone these days try to bring up the number of lines of code with a sense of achievement, unless it is to show how few lines there is, it is unimpressive.

A lot of people assume that all the work in creating a software product is in finishing it up for the first release. But, the fact is, it is only the beginning of work. Not just fixing bugs but also keeping up with user demands for new features, accommodating new scenarios etc. So, the total cost of a software development process is overwhelmingly decided by its maintenance costs.

That is why the best software product is the one that does not have any lines of code. So, Chevy Volt is 10 million times worse than the theoretical best Open-mouthed smile

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